Knowledge is power!

Connaissance est le pouvoir!

Sapere è potere!

Знање је моћ!

3нанието е сила!

η γνώση είναι δύναμη!

Գիտելիքը ուժ է

3нание - сила!

المعرفة قوة

El conocimiento es poder!


What is our school?

Growing Together

Welcome to Sliema Primary School Portal. Our school offers its services to over 450 students from around 35+ countries from all around the world. Our students have the opportunity to learn not only academic subjects but also how to live peacefully and in harmony with different cultures, traditions, languages and religions.

We strive towards giving our students a holistic education. Seeing children smile and thriving for us is already a success story.

Our school is proud to offer a new system of teaching Maltese to our foreign students. A pilot project which was introduced last scholastic year which has already yielded positive results.


School Calendar 2018-19 by Ministry Of Education. Check holidays dates. Travelling during school days is not permitted.


Klabb 3 -16 applications for 2018-2019

_English registration form with TC and booking form

Maltese registration form with T & C and booking form




  • Make sure that your child has the compulsory school uniform items as per list (everything labelled accordingly).
  • Students need to come to school in proper uniform attire. Please ensure that they have black school shoes and completely white sports shoes for PE, next scholastic year no excuses will be accepted regarding shoes and uniform items.




All those that would like to register their children at our school need to call

on 25984630 for an appointment prior to coming.


Who can register directly at school?

ONLY EU nationals who are Sliema residents

Where do we go if we do not fill both criteria?

Non-EU nationals + Sliema Residents

  • at Ministry of Education and then you are guided from there

EU nationals + non Sliema residents (out of locality)

  • at College Principal's office.
  • you will be put on a waiting list (very difficult as Sliema residents are always given priority)

Non-EU nationals + non Sliema residents (out of locality)

  • at Ministry of Education and then you are guided from there
  • waiting list (very difficult as Sliema residents are always given priority)


Documents needed:

  1. house contract showing residency at Sliema
  2. Parents' ID cards / passports
  3. Child's birth certificate
  4. Legal custody documents in the case of separated parents
  5. Immunization records in English, if in other foreign languages they need to be officially translated ( check with your embassy)
  6. In case of allergies, please notify secretaries
  7. If child is already statemented please provide all necessary documentation.
  8. If child needs to start statementing procedures please inform secretaries when you register.
  9. School reports from previous school.

everything needs to be officially translated in English, check with your embassies.